Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 1: Joy! camp bookmarks.

Today we spent half our day training and the other half meeting kids at the Youth House.
At the youth house we were supposed to have a table where kids could sit down and color bookmarks we made; these cute things :) :

It says JOY! because the youth camp we're holding later this week is called Joy Camp. It was supposed to promote the camp and encourage the youth to come out.We made 100, expecting tons of kids--because from what we heard there would be about 100-200 kids that would come out in waves. We ended up only using about 10. And of that 10, only 3 were actually done by the kids. The other 7 were done between Ed, Katelyn, Joshua, Bethan and me. -.- Asking the kids to sit down and color was harder than we expected. Language is really really a barrier. In addition to the language barrier the kids are also very shy, so most kids just shook their heads and smiled when we offered them bookmarks.
The amount of kids that came out felt more like 50 too... :(

The good news is that Kim got to talk to a little group of high school students that found Joshua, who was blowing bubbles and singing, very cute :D

Later, we had spaghetti with a few kids that stayed at the Youth House. It was hard for Ed and I to get
the courage to speak to them because we had experienced such a language barrier earlier. When we finally got the courage to ask them if the spaghetti was good (for some it was the first time having spaghetti) the conversation was short because of the language issues, again. We got to know their names and ages, but the names are really hard to remember. The ages would probably average to 14. Hopefully we get to see most of them again tomorrow. They are really friendly and full of smiles.

On a silly note, Ed and I got our first legit Thai Iced Tea today. All we need to say is, it was Leeeegit. :) mmm so good.

Prayer requests:
1) Courage to speak to the teens: Ed and I really need prayer that we will be able to step outside our comfort zones and reach out to the kids, even if it is in broken English and Thai. Pray that
we remember that we're just God's vessels, He will work through us. It's not us doing anything. We just need to be willing to do anything we are called to.

2) Courage to speak the language. We don't know much but even a few phrases could put the youth more at ease.

3) Energy. The team is still a bit jet laggy--PG gets tired around 8, and Ed and I ahha: 9 ish. Which is SUPAA EARLY. I feel like I'm in elementary school again.

4) Adjusting to the weather. STILL really hot :( especially when we're outside doing stuff like the bookmarks today.

1) We were informed that we get to leave for Bangkok at 1PM on Monday, which gives us a chance to re
st up a little after camp before heading to training in Bangkok.

2) It RAINED! :) That means it can only get cooler...until tomorrow.

Also, for here on out, the pictures will be uploaded on fb. just cuz it's a lot faster. :)

Also also, we ate our spaghetti dinner at 4PM. So now we're eating...

RAMEN. :) Thai ramen. Mmm.
We live like college students, even on missions, all the way in Thailand. Thank God for making ram
en. The universal staple food for hungry people.

Okay. Good night!

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