Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 2: Camp Prep and Youth House

Not really an eventful day, but still quite tiring.
Today we prepped for the camp that is starting tomorrow!!!!!! oh my goodness. nerves.
We prepared skits and a booth we are making for a carnival like thing.
Later in the day we went to the Youth House again. We still weren't really able to talk to them but we managed to play a few games with the students. Hopefully this is helping to build up a relationship that we can further build at the camp.

Fun tidbit for the day.
Yesterday Ed had bought a green drink from the vendor next to the Youth House. Today, we got two. We were addicted. Later on when Johnny went to the convenience store next to the Youth House we decided to look for said green drink with high hopes it would come in a bigger container. We found it :D A 1.2ish Liter bottle of green drink!!!!!! :D success! This drink is actually green creme soda (if anyone's had it at Japanese restaurants) and tastes like marble soda. In Thai it's called "green water"--namkiel or something like that. lol. Namkeil is currently chilling in our fridge waiting to be enjoyed tomorrow in the midst of crazy preparation.

Prayer Requests:
1. Camp starts tomorrow: so, everyone is in a frenzy and nervous.
2. Language barrier still.
3. Pray for the two skits we have to do, that they will make a strong impact.
4. Buggers everywhere. big ones little ones. scary ones. D: and mosquitos. ew.
5. Workshops. We have to prepare three workshops between the four of us. Two cookery ones and one english one. Pray that we will be ready and prepared to cultivate meaningful conversations among the students and that we will be purposeful with our time.
6. Adjusting to climate. We are still sweating bullets.

Thanks guys! :) Hope your weeks are going well as well! Let us know if there is any way we can pray for you! :D

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