Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 1/2.

Current Location: Manorom OMF House.
(hahah first came out as OMG House...-.-)

Hi guys!
We're finally in Thailand, after a lot of flying.
PTL for a safe and actually faster flight over than we expected! We actually didn't have to stop in Hong Kong like we expected.

Pictures from flight to Taipei and finally landing in Taipei! :)

The airport was beautiful--extremely modern. We got to wait for a good hour because the plane arrived earlier than expected. 7-11 to the rescue! Asian 7-11's are pretty much the coolest things in the world--lots of Asian food and drinks for
cheap :) mmm good.

Then we hopped on a huge bus and drove for 3 hours to Manorom! We slept the whole way...jet lag kicked in haha. But we're okay now.

Met the McClean family: Johnny and Ann and their three kids, Matthew, Joshua, and Bethan. :) The kids are super cute and outgoing and Johnny and Ann are super nice.

Only downside--it is so. extremely. hot. Ed and I know hot from Taiwan--but no A/C makes it an entirely new experience. And it's really humid too. It's like we're breathing liquid air. Bugs everywhere too. :( and a GIANT millipede....GIANT.

I got schooled on how to climb trees by Matthew. That kid is a right little monkey :P
Tomorrow we start training.

Prayer Requests.
1) Getting used to the weather--like we shared, it'
s uncomfortably hot. :(
2) Jet Lag: hasn't hit yet--hopefully it won't
3) The kids; they are way excited--a little too excited. Pray that they stay hydrated and out of trouble :P

More pictures on the next post.

Until then! Bye bye!

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