Monday, June 14, 2010

Looking for soda...

Current Location: The best place on earth! haha Taiwan Taoyuan Airport

So right now we're waiting in Taiwan Taoyuan Airport to transfer over to Hong Kong and then to Thailand. We've been on the airplane for 12 hours and 45 minutes-- slept more in one day than we've slept all week. It was a good flight. haha :)
Ed got super excited because we got to watch How to Train a Dragon. The kids got really excited when they watched it too. I slept...oops.

Funny story time.

When we were getting off the airplane, Ed got too excited and forgot one of his carry ons on the plane. By the time he realized and went back to the airplane they had already unloaded all the baggage that was left behind. He went on an epic quest to find his luggage and they had transferred it to another flight since he had changed seats with another person. After following them over "to a place kind of far" he finally got his stuff. :) silly Ed. hahaha.

While Ed went to find his luggage the rest of us went through to transfers. The kids' stomachs weren't feeling too great so we went on a search for soda and some food. We walk all the way to our gate in search of restaurants, but to our disappointment, we find nothing. We then proceeded to walk back to the center where the sole restaurant was. Unwilling to give into the expensive cafe rates, we continued to walk to the other side of the terminal. Still, there was nothing. TT____TT so sad. Finally we settled on vending machine soda. The kids got Sprite. After drinking it they kept complaining it was too "gingery." We were so confused. Kim took a drink and said, "there's a weird flavor to it...." Then I read the bottle and saw 祿茶口味-green tea flavored. hehehe.

The end. No wifi in SFO was very sad. Sad wifi in TPE is also sad.

Pictures to come because airport internet is slow :(

PS: Ed says he's ready for some yummy Thai food. Must be what he was thinking about when he forgot his luggage :P


  1. I'm so excited for you guys!! I hope you update often <3 You'll be in my prayers :D

  2. LOL! if there are blogs like this everyday, im going to enjoy reading them. remember to post prayer requests so i know what specifically to pray forrr!!