Sunday, June 13, 2010

Leaving in a few hours...

Current Location: Ed’s house

Hi guys!

So, here we go! The first post on our Thailand blog. :)

We just got out from church and I am currently sitting at Ed’s dining room table munching away at a Nestle Drumstick (o^________^o) as Ed does some last minute packing and cleaning his house.

We will be heading out to San Jose in about an hour and then from there to SFO later tonight. The flight is scheduled to leave at 1 AM and from there on out we’ll be on airplanes and in airports for about the next 18 hours. It’s going to be quite a day…(s)…

I’ll probably be doing a few updates today when we wait in airports and airplanes, but after we get to Thailand I’ll try to update every other day at least, just on daily occurrences. Some days will probably be more dry than others, sorry! I’ll try to provide some pictures so you can see the people we are working with and that you are praying for!

Okay, we’re off! Laters. :)

Prayer requests for the day:

1) Safe flights

2) Smooth flights (some of our team have motion/flight sickness issues, so pray that we all stay healthy and happy)

3) Team unity; it’s going to be a long day/flight.

4) Peace of mind

5) Game ideas for our camps

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